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Hawaii based metal artist Eric von Seibert has spent decades exploring unusual mediums and materials. Known in his early career for his Neon art installations, von Seibert taught Neon sculpture at University of California at San Diego. Some of his most famous works are the neon façade of the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas as well as art pieces in the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles.
While his earlier work mixed aluminum and neon, which created light, von Seibert now creates artwork that exuberantly reflects light. Using a mixture of mediums his artwork is an explosion of color.  He draws his inspiration from a lifetime of coastal living both in his childhood home of southern California and his current home of 25 years on Maui.
Michael Gilbert MA.CR. Curator of Corporate Collections of the Waldorf Astoria says “Eric von Seibert’s new works are substantial in both their scope and design. They are in a new class of work that has merged technical precision and a realistic three dimensional form”.

Von Seibert

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