Hermine Harman


I am a “feminist surrealist fantasy” artist. Many people ask what this actually means. I respond that my artwork is my imagination taking form in color and texture. Most of my art extends from the inside out, from an emotional or thought-provoking place

I rarely paint what I actually see, as that seems too much like a left-brain activity. Instead, I use an improvisational expressive process: I enjoy the spontaneous interaction of feelings, pigment, and paper. I often allow the loose liquidity of watercolor to swirl colors over the surface, then follow the threads I see there. I love vibrancy and use many materials to bring joy to the work–from glitter to beads, feathers to collage.

I have recently begun a new process and have really been enjoying making small, three-dimensional, glazed pieces which I am excited to share here. Stay tuned! I have explored many themes and mediums throughout the decades: Grief & Healing; Goddesses, Angels & Mermaids; Love & Other Abstractions; Big Sur, Mauiana; Erotic, and now, the new, Color Bursts.

Mermaid Extravaganza 2017

Meet Hermine

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