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Hermine Harman


Modern life is filled with stress; many public spaces are designed to be neutral; industrial development has created environments filled with grays and browns. Still, we have come to learn that color is a vastly potent elixir that can help energize, heal, and enhance everything from mood to appetite to memory.

My artwork is my imagination taking form in color and texture. Most of my art extends from the inside out, from an emotional or thought-provoking place. I enjoy the spontaneous interaction of feelings, pigment, and texture — and — my work can create these experiences for others, too.

As a woman artist, a social worker, and a mother who lost my son to suicide, I’ve found healing by bringing art and especially colorful art, into my environment. My abstract paintings have the power to energize and motivate, to inspire us to go within and experience more of ourselves, and spur creativity and imagination in the environments where they are placed. Without color, life can be dull and draining. I offer my richly colorful paintings as a creative tonic to the daily doldrums we all encounter.


Meet Hermine


Mermaid Extravaganza 2017

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