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“My purpose is to paint windows and doorways that open the Heart to the Divine Within, to Love, peace, healing, serenity, stillness and joy.”


Enchantress and Freeborne Gallery represent Linzy exclusively. Call us if you would like a quote for a special custom commission piece for your home! 

Linzy is an international, published, award winning, self taught artist who has been represented in galleries since she was 16 and has been a full time artist since 2011, creating and selling over two thousand paintings. Linzy discovered early in life that the power of art held a depth and level of self expression that far outweighed what she could express through words. A life defining moment in an art museum in DC at 19years old, Linzy became keenly aware that the intention and energy poured into a painting was even more powerful than what a painting looked like, and that this intention could literally touch and heal hearts as it did for her that day. Linzy has been on a soul searching mission since then that has led her to Peru and all around North America, to learn from healers, shamans and mystics, to learn about the power of energy and intention and how to channel pure inspiration into physical form, to create a bridge between the worlds of magic and matter. You can find her work in Maui at Enchantress Gallery. 

“Art is the most powerful tool I’ve found for healing and transformation, for getting to know who you really are, for rewriting your stories. When you can look at a blank canvas and see the limitless possibilities it holds, you can look at your life and yourself in the same way. You are the artist of your life, YOU are the masterpiece of your own creation.”

— Linzy

Bootzie & her sistar Linzy

Linzy painting Maui inspired pieces at Enchantress Gallery

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