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Growing up in New York City, Mark Remling fell in love with art thanks to his commercial-artist grandfather. Remling taught himself to paint and draw by watching his grandfather work, but other than observation, he is almost entirely self-taught. Remling's most significant artistic epiphany occurred in 1994 while attending a artist convention in Las Vegas. He instantly fell in love with the desert and its tranquility, which has been a clear influence on his work. Similarly, after moving to Southern California, Remling began to view the ocean as a font of inspiration, and his reverence for the water can be seen in his works. 

Remling's pieces can be seen in many clubs, galleries, restaurants, and personal collections around the world. Famous collectors of his work include Jay Leno, Tim Burton, Rikki Rocket, Claudia Schiffer, David Copperfield, and Steven Adler. He was even commissioned by Ford to paint a specialty car for Funk Master Flex for the 2007 SEMA Convention. Remling's work can be seen in published works as well; his paintings have graced the pages of Sport Truck, Airbrush Action, Las Vegan Magazine, and the cover of Truck and Auto Customizing. 

Remling's process is unique and very time and labor intensive. Before creating his paintings, Remling first etches in the metal in order to give the piece more depth and dimension. Then, using his own personal photo references, he expertly applies Urethane paints. From his originals to his Toujour Unique pieces, Remling's dedication and personal involvement create works that are sure to be remembered.

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