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Ben Saber

Art inspired by Lahaina


Artist Saber discovered his artistic gift at an early age in elementary school when he was asked to do chalk drawing demonstrations in the classrooms by his teacher.

Ben Saber was born in French Algeria. He speaks fluently French and English.

While in Seattle artist Ben Saber painted various landscapes of Washington state. There he traveled extensively and painted the parks the mountains and the coast. While painting in a park in the cold winter one day a Lahaina resident walked by and suggested to him to come to Maui, He traveled to Lahaina and made it his home for the winters. There he joined the Lahaina Art Society at the old Lahaina Courthouse and sold his art under the banyan tree and in galleries. In the summer time he would fly back to Washington state to paint the snow peeked mountains.

Artist Ben Saber grew up in a family of artists. His father was a portrait and calligraphy master and his brothers were talented in art but none of them pursued an art career.

Later in high school Saber was invited to join his art teacher in his studio as an apprentice during the summer vacations. Then,  after some training a demand for his art developed starting mostly from relatives and neighbors for local landscapes and portraits.

At the age of 25 he migrated to the USA. After traveling to several states he settled in Seattle, spending winters in Maui.

In America Ben Saber decided to pursue his childhood dream of being an artist at all costs.  In Seattle Ben Saber took some summer art classes from talented artists at the University of Washington like Jacob Lawrence. He gained a lot of knowledge that improved his painting skills. However most of his learning came from painting outdoors as a plain-air artist.

By painting on location he was able to capture many aspects of the landscape as the light changed during the day and the seasons. Nature was and still is his best teacher.

Going back and forth broke his rhythm and he decided to stay permanently in Lahaina. However after 3 years island fever won and he traveled to Kingsville Texas where he established an art studio in his house. He made instructional videos and posted them on Youtube. He was one of the pioneers of painting instruction on Youtube. At the time Youtube was not paying content providers so he did it for advertising himself to the world. Later he was able to draw a substantial income from Youtube videos as he had hundreds of thousands subscribers. He also translated his videos to 40 languages with the help of Google. He speaks 4 languages...


In 2013  he moved back to Seattle. He decided to stay and establish an art studio in downtown Seattle. He continued to travel to Lahaina Maui and joined a Lahaina gallery, that gallery burned to the ground during the Lahaina fire. Artist Ben Saber continues to paint in Washington state and Hawaii. His work is available at Enchantress and Freeborne Gallery in The Shops at Wailea.

James Freeborne and Ben have a long history together, and we are very excited to be sharing his art with you! 


Ben Saber Painting On Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 2006


Ben Saber painting at Lahaina harbor in Maui Hawaii

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