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Limited Edtion of 25 Hand Embellished by Lynette

Original Image: handmade paper, hand drawn images, vellum, KRYLON, vintage snippets on board.
Original is framed.

This Dancing Ganapati is a little bit different than the traditional one.  You should be able to ZOOM in on some of the yummy details and textures if you are viewing on a computer.....
I like to think of him as a "Self Enlightenment Ganesh"  Explanation is below:

The Flying Fish:
Represents our outrageous ability to overcome the impossible.  See?, even Fish can fly.

The Unicorn:
Represents our extraordinary uniqueness and our connection to the animals and mother earth.

The Butterfly:
Represents transformation.  We are like the caterpillar who feeds and feeds and works and works to spin a cocoon and once inside, rips it's own skin off and becomes that goo is the DNA for the beautiful, death defying winged essence, we continually RE-INVENT ourselves.

Something to shoot for, even though we are not that great at it...gotta keep peace in mind at all times.

The Daisy: 
This is to remember SIMPLICITY and to remind ourselves that all great ideas are simple and living more and more in alignment with our joy brings us back to simplicity.

Never skip desert.

The Broken tooth:
Represents how we spend our whole lives trying to "Find ourselves" and put ourselves back together in order to feel whole.

The Flaming Heart of Devotion:
Represents our desire to be as one with our creator and with each other.  We are all connected and we are all love in action.  

"Limitless" 31x40 Enhanced Gallery Wrap Giclee

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